Our Services

The Eastman Protective Agency® is an elite firm with over 10years of experience. The service we provide far exceeds any other firm because not only are we masters at the protection of life, but also masters of service. Each service we provide is tailored specifically to you and your budget. 

The process always begins with an informal meeting. We want to understand your needs and we want you to get to know our firm. Once a mutual understanding has been made, our executives meet and tailor a service to fit you. Unlike other executive protection firms who charge a flat daily rate, no matter what type of service you require, we take everything into consideration and ensure the cost never exceed the service provided.  Simply said, you will feel as if you are getting more than what you are paying for. At the end of each day, our goal is to provide you with something noticeable instead of just a body following you around all day. 

Given that our protective services are all tailored, it would be impossible to list every type of service we provide. That being said, please find a list of the most common services requested below:

Domestic Executive Protection

Domestically, we are often called upon to provide executive protection at sporting events, television appearances, commercial travel, music tours, book signing tours, family vacations, film locations, movie sets, movie premieres, speaking engagements, awards shows, weddings, private functions, for terminations and cooperate events. There is no limit to the type of executive protection we can provide.

International Executive Protection 

Over the years we have developed relationships with U.S. Embassies, U.S. Consulates, local law enforcement and have learned to use them as a resource. When traveling internationally, we send our agents ahead of you to assess every known location you plan to visit, meet each point of contact assisting your trip, meet your driver and ensure they meet yours and our requirements. We also identify the nearest and best equipped medical facility in the area then we visit our contacts at the Embassy or Consulate to determine what national threats are known and what local areas to avoid. When it comes to your accommodations, we do a security sweep of your hotel room, plan exit strategies to ensure your safety in an emergency and place security or safety equipment in your room, if needed.

Clandestine Executive Protection 

Many of our clients have expressed the need for our agents to blend in and not look or act like Protective Agents. Per their request, we have developed a clandestine team. These agents have the ability to appear as assistants, managers, office receptionist, drivers, dates, relatives, friends, and our most requested, interns. 

If clandestine protection is what you desire, we can tailor our service to meet your lifestyle. 

Residential Protection 

Our protective agents are experts at ensuring your residence remains a safe haven for you and your family. What most don’t know is outside of providing exceptional protective coverage to your home, we can also assist with the management of your property. We will control access to vendors, log all staff in and out daily to assist you with payroll, screen telephone calls and mail if requested, assist guest as they arrive, pull vehicles in and out of the garage, place daily newspaper are your doorstep, and the list goes on. We are certain that our tailored protective service will exceed your expectations.  

Executive Office Protection

Our executive office protection was designed for our clients who desire enhanced security for their executive offices. At your office we will control access, assist with terminations, screen calls, monitor vendors or company staff around all confidential or sensitive information, screen parcels and greet visitors.  

Protected Transportation

When the need arises for protected transportation, we have many solutions to meet your needs. We can provide you with an agent who tails your vehicle from location to location, drives for you directly, travels up front with your personal driver or hired chauffer, pick up children from school, travel on commercial flights with underage children, and transport high dollar value items or sensitive documents to any location worldwide. 

Logistical Support 

Our agency’s experience worldwide has made us masters at problem solving and logistical management. If logistical support is needed, our team can assist internationally or domestically. The most common services we provide are assistance with booking private jets, yachts, vacations, ground transportation, tour guides, accommodations, non-public arrivals at medical facilities, and greeters meeting you at commercial airports.  

Assessment Services 

The Eastman Protective Agency is also available to assess your current security team and identify their strengths and weaknesses through a meticulous review of their operations. The process begins with one of our senior agents coming to your site or field locations and reviewing their policy and procedures. After reviewing those documents our agents will shadow your team for two 8-hour shifts to ensure we are able to gather all the information needed to provide you with an impartial and detailed report of your team.